Blockchain-Based Social Networks. Find out what they are.

the blockchain

The use of blockchain in different applications is becoming increasingly familiar due to its security and confidentiality, and the number of industries that use this technology to advance their business is increasing.

So much so that even social networks can already use blockchain to offer their users freedom, confidentiality and even rewards. And this is the case of Society2, Voice and Reddit.

An article published on the Steemexperts blog highlights the benefits of using this technology, especially after the controversies that arose after the censorship of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Centralized platforms “can censor users and content against the will of their database, thus depriving people of their freedom and confidentiality. In addition to that, social media platforms also demonetize content and control the flow of revenue unaided”, the article says.

Blockchain-based social media

The use of this technology currently highlights three social networks: Society2, a new decentralized social media platform, based on the IOTA blockchain and the IOTA flow framework.

These are three blockchain-based social networks

Free newspaper

This blockchain-based platform provides users with greater privacy, better control over data, and free IOTA tokens when they see ads.

There’s also Voice, a social media platform developed by the creator of EOS, which focuses on transparency and offers rewards to content creators.

This platform aims to eliminate fake news, bots and fraudulent promotional practices.

In this same trend is Reddit, which also started experimenting with the Ethereum network.

Although Reddit already operates under the “karma” point system, a blockchain-based reward system, it will guarantee users control of their points.

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